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    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    not render it necessary for me to open, even for a quarter of an

    quite prepared for the visit we had to make She desired me to get

    your going and attacking me, that have always been a friend to

    the firm, he wouldn’t give a thousand pounds for all the assets

    As long as the good son wanted him to do, he will do, but the good son that everyone is a Buddha, but he is not necessarily the person is not a person, can become a Bodhisattva

    shaking her head violently ‘I said, what a set of humbugs we were

    twice or thrice Finding Peggotty within, and being informed by

    It’s a boy’

    what’s an apology? So easy! I say! I suppose,’ with a jerk, ‘you

    overlooking the sea, on which the moon was shining brilliantly

    her too!

    tear-blotted copy-books, canings, rulerings, hair-cuttings, rainy

    engaged in producing from the bag (plunging in her short arm to

    knowledge—of your abetting him in this appeal’

    ‘Yes, father,’ replied Minnie ‘Never say I detracted from her!’

    who have taken a doctor’s degree at college—which is the first

    I shook my head, unable to guess

    times, and opening her mouth as if she were going to speak,


    Julia Mills is gone’

    “Mama,” she said crying, “I am extremely young”—which was

    ‘My own!’ said Peggotty, with infinite compassion ‘What I want

    ‘Don’t you remember Traddles? Traddles in our room at Salem

    I was charmed with her childish, winning way I fondly

    short,’ said Mr Micawber, in another burst of confidence, ‘that you

    ‘No, no, no,’ said Miss Betsey ‘Have some tea’

    known her; how they wouldn’t have gone out of their senses with


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